Cry-Baby of the Week

This week: A policeman who hates peeing children versus a maid who loves Jennifer Lopez.

Cry-Baby #1 - An unnamed police officer from the Piedmont Police Department.

The incident: A three-year-old boy urinated in his mother's front yard.

The appropriate response: Asking the boy to do it in the bathroom next time.

The actual response: A passing police officer issued the boy's mother with a ticket for "public urination,"  and she must now pay a $2,500 fine. 

The child, Dillan, was playing in his mother's front yard in Piedmont, Oklahoma. Dillan needed to pee, so he took down his pants and did it in on the spot.

At this point, an officer from Piedmont Police Department pulled up, asked for the mother's license, and told her that he was going to issue her a ticket for "public urination."

"I said really? He is three years old, and he said it doesn't matter," said Jennifer Warden, who is credited by the news report as "UPSET HOMEOWNER." I think she might also be the boy's grandmother.

Ashley called the police department to file a complaint about the $2,500 fine, but the complaint was denied. She must appear in court next month.

Unrelated to the story, but the anchor who introduces this segment has way, way too much hair. And it's freaking me out. 

Cry-baby #2 - Pray Dodaj

The incident: A hotel maid was fired for being unprofessional. 

The appropriate response: Finding another job. Acting more professionally in the future.

The actual response: The maid took her story to the papers, who took pictures of her looking super sad (above, inset).

Pray Dodaj was a cleaner at the Melia Dusseldorf hotel in Germany. On the night of her firing, Jennifer Lopez was staying at the hotel.

Pray, a Jennifer Lopez fan, found out what room JLo was staying in, and knocked on her door to ask for an autograph. When her employers found out she'd done this, they fired her.

Most media outlets are reporting this as "Jennifer Lopez gets maid fired." Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure Jennifer Lopez is a horrible, horrible person, but it's not her fault Pray got fired. It's Pray's fault that Pray got fired.

I could understand her being upset if she'd asked her for an autograph in the lobby or outside the hotel or something, but to actually go and knock on someone's door? That's not OK. Imagine if every person employed by the hotel knocked on her door and asked for an autograph. No famous person would ever want to stay in the hotel ever again. Which, obviously, would be a fucking DISASTER.

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