Cry-Baby of the Week

This week: Some cops who arrested a kid because of his shirt vs. Some homophobes who think they're being discriminated against.

Cry-Baby #1: Logan City Police Department

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The incident: A 14-year-old boy refused to take off a pro-NRA shirt he was wearing. 

The appropriate response: Nothing. 

The actual response: The boy has been charged with obstructing a police officer and could face a year in jail. 

Back in April, 14-year-old Jared Marcum had a confrontation with a teacher at Logan Middle School in West Virginia, over a shirt he was wearing.

The shirt featured the logo of the National Rifle Association, along with the slogan "Protect your Right."

The unnamed teacher asked Jared to turn the shirt inside out or change into a different one. Jared refused, and the two began to argue. So the school called the police. 

Officers came to the school and arrested Jared, before charging him with "obstructing a police officer."

Local police chief E. K. Harper told ABCNews.com that Jared was not arrested for wearing a T-shirt, but for "disrupting the school process." Adding, "his conduct in school almost incited a riot."

Jared claims that, at one point, the police threatened to charge him for "making terroristic threats."

The schools' dress code, which can be viewed online, prohibits clothing and accessories that display "profanity, violence, discriminatory messages, or sexual language, along with ads for alcohol, tobacco, or drugs". There is no mention of guns or the NRA. 

Jared will be in court to face the charges on July 11th. If he is found guilty, he faces a $500 fine and up to one year in jail.

Cry-Baby #2: The Hands on Children Museum


The incident: A museum in Florida discriminated against some lesbian parents. 

The appropriate response: Learning some kind of life lesson/trying to be less bigoted.

The actual response: The museum issued a statement demanding an apology from all the pro-gay people that were being like, super mean to them. 

Early last week, a young mother named Karen Lee-Duffel attempted to buy a family membership for herself, her wife, and her two children, at the creepily named Hands on Children Museum in Jacksonville, Florida. 

The museum denied her request for membership, telling her that she would have to pay an extra $10 to include her wife as part of the membership plan, as the family membership was only open to families with a mother and a father. 

"It really just feels like a punch in the gut when you go somewhere and it's kind of thrown in your face, we don't want to treat you equally and we're not going to make any effort to do that," said Karen, in an interview with her local news station

Predictably, there was a backlash against the museum. Their Facebook page was flooded with comments, the museum's business line was inundated with phone calls, and the owner of the museum claims he had abuse yelled at him in the street. 

Which, really, is to be expected when you're human garbage. 

But now the museum is claiming that they are the ones who are really being treated unfairly. In a statement issued last Friday, they said that the Hands on Children Museum and its staff members were "being discriminated against, attacked and threatened." And that they deserved "an apology for how the museum is being treated."

The statement went on;

"We have been and will remain welcoming and inclusive. Our Family Memberships include, Mom, dad and their children and allow unlimited visits throughout the year. For single parent families, we allow for other adults in the household to be added as members with the parents consent and the payment of $10.00 administrative fee. This policy is consistent with our religious beliefs, and Florida law while still allowing us to accommodate non-traditional child rearing. We do not demand that others adhere to our religious beliefs, neither should they demand that we adhere to theirs.We are open and welcoming to all because our mission is to serve families and children. Unfortunately the hatred and vitriol has been directed at our families and staff is causing concern." [SIC]

Alrighty then. 

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