Cry-Baby of the Week

This week: A man has an affair but refuses to give his wife a divorce, and a telemarketer threatens to kill a homeowner who hung up on him. Which one is the bigger cry-baby?

It's time to laugh at two stupid cry-babies again!

Cry-Baby #1: Houshang Jafari


The incident: A woman named Aghdas (pictured above right) found out her husband Houshang (pictured above left) was having an affair, so asked for a divorce.

The appropriate reaction: To divorce her and get on with your new life.

The actual reaction: Houshang says that, under Sharia Law, he is allowed to have two wives, and is refusing to divorce Aghdas.

Earlier this year, Houshang moved out of the house he'd shared with his wife of 34 years, claiming it was because her cooking was too bad. She later discovered he had actually moved in with a mistress, and filed for divorce.

Appearing in court in Bristol, Houshang chose to represent himself, and promptly had some kind of meltdown. Highlights of which included:

"Mr Jafari posed dozens of questions to his wife—most were deemed irrelevant by the judge."


"He then produced a photograph of one of their sons wearing a dress at a university party and shouted: ‘Cross-dressing as a woman. Son of me, a Jafari. And she claims that by me going to jail she was embarrassed.’"


"As the cross-examination went on, the self-styled Lord became increasingly animated, and at one point he asked the court for a break as he needed a ‘Mars bar’ to boost his flagging energy."

The Metro article about the trail refers to Houshang as a "self-styled Lord" on multiple occasions, but never actually gives full details of what it means. I can't imagine it would lead to him looking like any less of a prick, though.

Cry-Baby #2: An unknown telemarketer


The incident: Somebody hung up on a telemarketer.

The appropriate reaction: Nothing.

The actual reaction: The telemarketer threatened to kill the homeowner who'd hung up on him.

According to a report on Denver's 7NEWS channel, the telemarketer was explaining to the unnamed homeowner that she had won some money. The rightfully dubious homeowner said she wasn't interested, and hung up. 

The telemarketer immediately called back, saying he was going to kill her and that he had placed a bomb inside her house. The homeowner called the police, and she—and all of her fucking neighbors—were promptly evacuated. In the 911 call, she said that the caller had "sounded foreign.” *GASP*

Bizarrely, local law enforcement were unable to trace the call. Which I always thought was something that was really, really easy to do. I might start prank calling again. 

Who is the biggest cry-baby? We beg you, please help us to decide in the poll below. 

Who is the bigger cry-baby?

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