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This week: A school that fired a an abused wife vs. A school that fined a kid $1000 over a feather.

It's time, once again, to roll our eyes at some people who are scared of the world:

Cry-Baby #1: Holy Trinity School

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The incident: A school found out that one of their employees was in an abusive relationship.

The appropriate response: According to the website dosomething.org, you should follow these steps: Speak up, be sensitive, listen, be there for them, connect them to resources, stay with them. 

The actual response: The school fired her. 

Back in January, second-grade teacher Carie Charlesworth was forced to call the police three times on her abusive husband, after what she described as a "very bad weekend" with him. A temporary restraining order was put in place against him.

When she returned to her job at Holy Trinity School in San Diego the next day, she told the principal what had happened, and confided in her that she was being abused. 

Later that day Carie's husband showed up in the school's parking lot, prompting a lockdown. He was arrested and jailed on two felony charges. 

As a result of this, the school put Carie on indefinite leave. They also pulled her four kids out of the school. 

After three months on leave, Carie received a letter from the school, telling her she was fired:

"We know from the most recent incident involving you and Mrs. Wright (the principal) while you were still physically at Holy Trinity School, that the temporary restraining order in effect were not a deterrent to him. Although we understand he is current incarcerated, we have no way of knowing how long or short a time he will actually serve and we understand from court files that he may be released as early as next fall. In the interest of the safety of the students, faculty and parents at Holy Trinity School, we simply cannot allow you to return to work there, or, unfortunately, at any other school in the Diocese."

According to a report on NBC 7 San Diego, several parents were planning to remove their children from the school if Carie was allowed to return.

In an interview with the station, Carie said, “I mean that’s why women of domestic violence don’t come forward, because they’re afraid of the way people are going to see them, view them, perceive them, treat them.” Adding, "they’ve taken away my ability to care for my kids. It’s not like I can go out and find a teaching job anywhere."

Carie's (now ex-) husband is due to be released at the end of the month. 

Cry-Baby #2: Escambia Academy High School

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The incident: A Native American girl wore a feather in her cap at her high school graduation ceremony, despite being warned not to. 

The appropriate response: Nothing. Or telling her off if you really care. 

The actual response: The school are refusing to let her graduate until she pays a $1,000 fine. 

Chelsey Ramer, a 17-year-old, is a member of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. She, along with several other Native American students, were planning to hang a traditional feather from their mortarboards at their graduation ceremony.

The school, Escambia Academy High School in Atmore, Alabama, found out about this, and warned them not to. They also asked the students to sign a contract that stated, “students and staff shall not wear extraneous items during graduation exercises unless approved by the administration.”

According to Chelsey, she didn't sign the contract. 

On May 23, the day of graduation, Chelsey ignored the warning and took to the stage with the feather hanging from her hat. The school refused to hand her her diploma and transcripts.

They are now saying that, in order to get them and graduate, she must pay a $1,000 fine. 

In an interview with her local news station, Chelsey said, “I don’t think it’s fair at all. I feel like it’s discrimination.” 

A former teacher of Chelsey's, who is also a Native American, was interviewed by the station, and said, “Being honored with a feather for graduation is a wonderful experience. It’s a lot more than showing off your culture. It has ties in to our spirituality as well.”

Chelsey is planning on taking legal action against the school.

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