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This company filters offensive material out of your favorite movies

The CEO says he started the company to keep offensive imagery out of his household.

by Dexter Thomas
Nov 5 2016, 3:54am

This segment originally aired Oct. 28, 2016, on VICE News Tonight on HBO.

VidAngel is a service that lets viewers stream popular movies and TV shows while filtering out material that they find offensive. More than half a million customers have signed up to use the service, which is popular with people who have conservative or religious values.

VidAngel charges $20 per movie. You set your filters and watch, and then you can sell the movie back to the service for a $19 credit, making it relatively inexpensive.

But VidAngel’s process of decrypting DVDs and streaming them may be illegal. Big studios including Warner Brothers and Disney are suing the company for copyright infringement.

“I think they lose simply because it’s a pretty clear-cut case,” Brigham Young University law professor Clark Asay told VICE News correspondent Dexter Thomas. “You don’t have a right to decrypt it and make a digital copy and then stream it.”

VidAngel is raising money from its fans to fight the studios. It met its goal of $5 million raised for the lawsuit in just two days.

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