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Adrian Dey Ain't for the Shenanigans or the "Drama"

The Toronto artist and newest affiliate of IXXI marks his territory with raps a-plenty on his debut single.

by Phil Witmer
Jan 19 2018, 6:22pm

Adrian Dey is the newest member of Toronto's multimedia IXXI Initiative, responsible for artists like Sean Leon and Grammy nominee Daniel Caesar. Dey's sing-rapping places him somewhere between the former two artists in approach, with his new song "Drama" serving as a succinct introductory statement. On the kind of opulent piano loop that can only mean "this song goes off," Dey struts and weaves like a boxer as he vents and boasts with no hook to counter him.

"'Drama' is a song about multiple situations I seen and dealt with," Dey tells Noisey. "From beef with friends and girlfriends, to family issues and problems. Sometimes there's no escaping drama. I just had to learn to deal with it." Stream "Drama" below.