You Can Download Next Week’s 'Destiny 2' Beta Right Now (Except on PC)

The PC beta won't happen until next month, unfortunately.

by Patrick Klepek
Jul 13 2017, 6:46pm

Image courtesy of Activis

Even though Destiny 2's beta isn't starting for a few days, you can prepare for next week's playable taste of the Bungie sequel by downloading the beta itself.

If you already have a beta access code, head over to, sign-in, and redeem it. From there, you can choose which platform you'd like to play on, which will dispense a platform-specific code to be used on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. Make sure you pick the right region, or else you'll be out of luck.

PC players will have to wait until sometime in August for access to the beta.

Here's the schedule for the beta going live:

  • July 18, 10 AM Pacific : PlayStation 4 Pre-Order Participants
  • July 19, 10 AM Pacific : Xbox One Pre-Order Participants
  • July 21, 10 AM Pacific : Open Beta for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
  • July 23, 10 AM Pacific : Social Matchmaking Test available for one hour
  • July 23, 9 PM Pacific : Beta Concludes

If you don't have a code yet, you might still be able to score one by pre-ordering, or wait for Waypoint's coverage! We'll be streaming when the beta goes live.

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