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Your Gift Guide for Sagittarius, the True Believer of the Zodiac

What do you get for the sign that has it all?
November 27, 2019, 7:06pm
Sagittarius goddess with gifts
Collage by Darcie Wilder

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If you have a Sagittarius bestie, you know they’re usually the first to offer to pick up the tab when you go out. So how can you spoil the centaur who always spoils you? When you're coming up with gift ideas, let’s consider what makes Sagittarius… Sagittarius: This fire sign is commonly described as an adventurer who loves traveling and ideas that take them far from their immediate environment. Even if they aren’t world travelers in a literal sense, you can catch them expanding their horizons through philosophy and studying culture through an elevated lens. They can be spiritual, religious, or passionately secular! Whatever it is, they likely have a strong opinion about it.

Sagittarius is a fire sign, which means they thrive on taking action, passionately trailblazing, and living spontaneously. Your Sag friend is always on the go—they are adventurous! A great gift would be to take them on an adventure.

Jeep adventure

Jeep Camping in the Georgia Mountains

Speaking of adventures, Sagittarius’ ruling planet, Jupiter, goes on distant journeys too! Sagittariuses have an endless curiosity about the world around them, and a thirst for knowledge and understanding of the ways of the world. Get your Sag friend prepared with a bag, suitcase, or packing accessories that fit their traveling style.

Blue travel tote
Away carry-on

Away luggage

packing cubes

Eagle Creek Compression Packing Cubes

Travel wallet

Jupiter is also associated with philosophy and religion, and Sagittarius loves all things philosophical and esoteric. Oracle Cards are a great way to tap into the spiritual world while also sharing a positive message and tapping into their energy with friends.

Oracle cards

Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards

Or, to support their love for both travel and spirituality, get them something that helps them keep in touch with spirituality while they're on the go.

travel matchbox incense

Travel Matchbox Incense

Sagittarius is an outgoing sign, and they’re big communicators and community builders. They stand up for their beliefs and advocate for causes they hold dear to their hearts. Help your Sag friend connect with other organizers in their community!

zero waste group

Meetup Movements

Sagittarius’s personal style is over-the-top—they are not afraid to take a fashion risk! Your Sag friend can make an entire outfit out of statement pieces. Their style is as loud and outspoken as they are, and tends to be overstated and eye-catching, and their colors are blues and purples.



Tatum Tote Bag in turquoise

Sagittarius has a close kinship to camp as an aesthetic. For your Sag friend, it’s go big or go home, so think bright rainbow colors, ostrich feathers, pop art, glitter, and more!

Marc Jacobs bag

Marc Jacobs Multicolor Airbrush Snapshot Camera Bag

Gucci evening bag

Gucci Yellow Broadway Shell Evening Bag

Your Sagittarius friends love the thrill of a gamble and take risks with an enthusiasm that others can’t match—so give them a little boost with a good-luck charm!

good luck necklace

Good Luck In All You Do Necklace

Sagittarius loves to party, and will probably be out for New Year’s Eve! They are no stranger to a good time, so get them a gift that celebrates their bubbly and social sides—like something pretty to serve drinks in, lipstick suitable for going out, or something to help them recover afterward.

party glasses
Walk of Shame lipstick
hangover kit

Sagittarius loves learning and reading, so anything that gets them thinking about the big picture or supports their studies is an appropriate gift, like this book which is part-memoir, part-manual, and a brilliant survey of the archetypes expressed in a birth chart.

Charted Territory book

Charted Territory: Navigating Life's Contours with Astrology

Sagittarius rules the hips; a belt bag or waist-cinching belt can help your Sagittarius friend draw attention to theirs. Plus, since they’re always on the go, a cute (but no-hassle) bag is perfect for their excursions whether they’re touring the globe or strolling around town.

Fila belt bag
leather cincher

Sagittarius loves shopping—and hates looking at price tags! Centaurs don’t typically come from a scarcity mindset because they know that they can always get creative. Symbols of abundance and rituals that can help call abundance into their life are well-suited for Sagittarius’s generous approach to everything.

Abundance magic candle


Sagittarius is a centaur, symbolized by a bow and arrow! Help your Sag friend tap their inner archer with an archery class.

archery class

Archery class

Sagittarius is the bold sign who’d try almost anything once, if only to get a good story. A session with a snake channeler who specializes in the idea of “unimaginable upgrades” can be a fun way to help your Sag friend take their exploration of big ideas to another level.

Stephanie Ulrich

Stephanie Ulrich

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