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You Can't Possibly Love Reese's More Than The Owner of This Absurd Vehicle

Reese's put up five billboards to identify the Nashville man—who also dresses in the brand's iconic color scheme of orange, yellow, and brown.

by Bettina Makalintal
Dec 6 2018, 6:27pm

Photo courtesy of Reese's

Earlier this week, Reese's went all in to find the driver of a car that's entirely bedecked in Reese's branding. We're talking full-body wrap in a print of Reese's Cups and Pieces, with the Reese's logo featured prominently on the car's hood and doors—the type of commitment that would make you think the driver must already be hounding Reese's for sponsorship deals or something.

Not so, apparently. In fact, as reported by the Daily Meal, the peanut butter cup producer had to put up five billboards along busy roads in the Nashville area to enlist both drivers and social media followers to help find the "Reese's superfan."

"Long story short, a sales rep of ours was down in Nashville and saw the car," a representative for Reese's told MUNCHIES in an email. "We thought this was the coolest car ever and needed to find this superfan."

As one might expect with a car this flashy, the owner of the car was located pretty quickly. Just a day later, the driver was identified by the Nashville Tennessean as Lavoy Sales, who—perhaps unsurprisingly given the car's pristine appearance—works as a car detailer. A friend saw the billboard and told Sales, who then reached out to Reese's.

Though the car has been like this for only about two months, according to the Tennessean, Sales's love of the peanut butter cup apparently goes far beyond the car. They reported that Sales has been on this kick for three years: He also dresses in the brand's iconic orange, yellow, and brown; decorates his tree with the candies; and adds them to banana pudding for Thanksgiving.

The Daily Meal reported that the prize for the driver's dedication would be a holiday package with a year's worth of chocolate—though, we're imagining, if one really loves Reese's this much, a true "year's worth" might amount to more than it would for your average eater.

And according to the Tennessean, Sales's sweet tooth will be rewarded with "merchandise, new Reese's products and some branded content for his car—including videos he can play on the five televisions he has installed in the vehicle."

The Reese's representative told MUNCHIES that they have yet to finalize the prize plans, but that she and Sales "had a great conversation about what our favorite Reese’s product is."

MUNCHIES has also reached out to Sales for comment; we have yet to receive a response.