HS Football Championship Game Ends in Absolute Madness

The ending of the WCAC championship game between Gonzaga College and DeMatha Catholic saw several long bombs, a 75-yard kickoff return return, and a 60-yard Hail Mary. Insanity.

Nov 19 2018, 7:33pm

Screen capture via YouTube/1st Amendment Sports

If football were coffee, then you've been drinking that weak shit for too long. A high school conference championship game on Sunday made itself out to be the espresso of games, delivering a pure, unadulterated shot of football with just 45 seconds left on the clock.

Gonzaga College and rival DeMatha Catholic met up in the DC-area Washington Catholic Athletic Conference (WCAC) championship, and felt like they needed a prayer. They must've cooked up something pretty pious because they ended up making a jaw-dropping comeback to beat DeMatha 46-43, but the way it went down was just unreal:

Per USA Today, Gonzaga's sophomore quarterback Caleb Williams pulled off some miracles, rattling off three of his six touchdowns in the last three minutes of the game. But the final minute would prove to be his magnum opus. With 45 seconds left, he led a huge drivethat ended in a touchdown with 29 seconds left to take a 40-36 lead.

But DeMatha wasn't done talking. Dominic Logan-Nealy broke about a million tackles and returned the squib kick back for an insane 75-yard touchdown, re-taking the lead at 43-40 with just 15 seconds left in the game. Then, with four seconds ticking down to zero, Williams stepped deep into the pocket on Gonzaga's 40 yard line and heaved a pure rainbow of a Hail Mary pass 60 yards downfield. There were enough bodies in the end zone and his pass was true enough that he found a receiver, who collapsed to the ground with the ball in hand.

Gonzaga snatched its first WCAC title since 2002, and, understandably, Williams sure earned his title of WCAC's Offensive Player of the Year.