The DREAMer Hoping to Make It as a Professional Hollywood Photographer

We went out with Instagrammer Angel Pacheco in LA to see how he captures his gritty party photos.

by Sarah Bellman
Aug 30 2018, 9:27pm

On HOLLYWOOD LOVE STORY, VICELAND follows a handful of young aspiring actors, models, DJs, rappers, influencers, and even meme creators in Los Angeles who are trying to make it big. But few have as much motivation as Angel Pacheco, a DREAMer who hopes his gritty party photography could be a launchpad for a professional career—and a shot at staying in the country.

On the season finale, we met up with Angel, who runs a popular Instagram account that captures the local drug- and sex-fueled party scene. He gives us a glimpse into his life, where he simultaneously juggles his budding career, helps his parents pay rent, and waits for his pending DACA renewal.

Find out how to tune in and watch Angel's episode and the rest of VICELAND's HOLLYWOOD LOVE STORY here.

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