RZA and Ghostface’s Wu-Tang Horror Movie Is Probably Not for the Children

'Angel of Dust' is set in Staten Island, obviously.
January 29, 2019, 8:35pm
Members of Wu-Tang Clan at Sundance 2019
Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

This year is gearing up to be a big one for the Wu-Tang Clan. The upcoming Wu-Tang docuseries Of Mics and Men just premiered at Sundance, a scripted series about the early days of the group is headed to Hulu, and now, it looks like another Wu-Tang joint is headed to the big screen. On Tuesday, Deadline reported that RZA and Ghostface Killah are working on a brand-new horror film set in Staten Island—and it sounds tight as hell.

Details about the project are still pretty scant, but what we do know is promising. According to Deadline, RZA will direct the new film, called Angel of Dust, based on a story by Ghostface and Wu-Tang's manager, Caruso. Ghostface will also reportedly handle the film's original soundtrack and RZA will pen the score.

The upcoming horror thriller is supposedly "inspired by true stories that happened around the hood to members of the global iconic rap group," but according to Deadline, the film's plot also involves some serial killers with superpowers, so take that as you will:

Casey is a normal yet exceptionally smart teenager and talented rapper but after the mysterious death of his parents he’s been forced to grow up in NY’s roughest inner-city streets (known as Shaolin in Wu-Tang folklore), basically on his own. As life in the hood around him gets tragically worse he must put his skills to the test to survive not only the gangs, corrupt cops, junkies, and bullies, but a serial killer with seemingly supernatural powers dubbed Angel of Dust by the media.

RZA's already proven himself as a director with 2012's The Man with the Iron Fists, a criminally-underrated kung-fu gore-fest that's already earned its place as a cult classic, and the guy's got a few promising films on the way—including a heist movie set during Hurricane Katrina due out this spring. Between RZA's directing abilities and Ghostface's storytelling chops, this one is bound to be good.

Shaun Redick and Impossible Dream Entertainment will produce the film alongside the Wu-Tang members, a partnership that Ghostface promised will be "legendary," according to his statement.

“The creative collaboration of RZA and Ghostface has stood the test of time through our music," RZA said in his own statement. "Now the opportunity to put our creative energies together onto the silver screen has arisen and I’m turbo charged. Bong Bong!"

Prepare yourselves for the Wu-Tang Cinematic Universe, everybody.

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