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Monthly Horoscope: Aquarius, August 2019

Welcome to Leo season, dear Aquarius!

by Annabel Gat
Aug 1 2019, 12:30pm

Amanda Lanzone

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As the sun shines in Leo, you find yourself focused on your relationships—with lovers, business partners, and even frenemies. Leo is your opposite sign, one of the hottest signs in the zodiac and a counterpart to your cool persona. This month is especially juicy as your ruling planet Uranus frequently connects with other planets over the next few weeks, starting with Venus on August 2! This will bring big shake-ups at home, in your private life, and in your relationships—but these are much-needed changes as you're itching for freedom. What used to be important to you isn't anymore, and with that, many of your relationships—romantic or otherwise—will undergo a transformation sparked by the clash between Venus and Uranus.

  • When it feels like it’s time for much-needed changes, try lighting a candle that includes rosemary to clear unwanted energy.
  • When you want to connect with like-minded people but don’t know where to start, reading this book may offer some networking tips.

Everything flows easily as the sun and Venus connect with lucky planet Jupiter in fire sign Sagittarius on August 7 and 8, respectively. This is a cute moment in your social life: The mood is easygoing, generous, gentle, and bright. This is a wonderful time to network, meet new people, and reconnect with someone who's been on your mind. Sweet messages are sent back and forth, and inspiring heart-to-hearts are shared. This isn’t only a beneficent time in your relationships, but in your whole community—it’s a great opportunity to connect with clubs, groups, and cliques that you’re inspired to be a part of, whether it’s for a hobby or a social/political cause.

August 11 is busy: Jupiter ends its retrograde, Mercury enters Leo, and Uranus begins its retrograde. Your social circle has been expanding over the last year or so, and you can expect that to continue over the next few weeks! A boost in communication between you and your partners also arrives, and changes at home take place. If you've been thinking about moving or renovating, a shift in your process will arrive now. Surprises are sure to pop up in your personal life or family.

The sun meets Venus on August 14, beginning a new cycle in your relationships—exciting! This is an important time to connect with yourself about your needs and values in partnerships. The sun and Venus meet in loyal fire sign Leo, speaking to the passion, steadfastness, and creativity you seek in partners. A full moon in your sign arrives on August 15, which brings a big emotional release. Full moons are all about letting go, and you're letting go of some aspects of yourself that you've outgrown. A climax is reached in your relationships, and if you've been wondering what will become of a partnership, this full moon will illuminate things for you.

Expect surprising news about your personal life and partnerships to arrive as communication planet Mercury clashes with wildcard Uranus on August 16. A breakthrough idea may also be born. Uranus is all about innovation, and with each turn it takes this month, eureka moments arrive. On a more emotional level, Uranus in Taurus will find you breaking away from traditions, family expectations, and long-running patterns—this August, you will confront how these themes interact with and play out in your relationships. The time for change is here.

Virgo season officially starts on August 23, but you'll feel the energy shift early as Mars enters Virgo on August 18 and Venus follows suit on August 21. Virgo season is an intense time of year for you as it's basically a portal of transformation—life after Virgo season is never the same for Aquarians. Whether that's good or bad depends on how strongly you cling to the past and refuse to sit with your most complicated emotions. Virgo is associated with the Hermit card in the tarot, and indeed, it would be wise for you to take time to yourself. Mars in Virgo brings you the courage you need to face your shadow, and Venus brings blessings and gifts if you can be real about your emotions, desires, and needs.

Not only will you be going inward this Virgo season—on August 21, you'll be doing plenty of socializing as Mercury connects with Jupiter and big news in shared! This is a powerful time for intimacy—especially as Venus meets Mars on August 24—and financial matters—especially tricky topics like taxes, debts, inheritances, and shared resources. Venus and Mars are all about give and take. What do you want from your partners, dear Aquarius?

  • Keep track of all your “eureka moments” this month with these note-taking apps or in this notebook with magnetic pages so you can have the best of the traditional and digital world.
  • If you’re tackling tricky financial matters, try these tips on all the small, but impactful, financial changes you can make this month.

Venus, Mars, and the sun connect with Uranus on August 26, 28, and 29 respectively, bringing you wonderful opportunities to create tangible changes at home and in your personal life. An a-ha moment about an emotionally charged situation takes place and you're feeling empowered to set yourself free from whatever has been holding you back. Aquarians are never afraid to do their own thing, but as a fixed sign (meaning you were born in the middle of a season), you can get stuck in ruts. You'll be able to break out of them now. Communication planet Mercury enters Virgo on August 29, boosting communication and helping you talk about things that are usually tough to discuss.

  • Take some time to yourself to relax in this “bath tea” created for moon phases to reflect on the past, process complicated emotions, and consider leaving some things behind.
  • Try some meditation to start connecting with your inner voice and subconscious, and clear some physical space for it.

The new moon in Virgo lands on August 30, helping you wipe the slate clean of any debts you owe. Virgo vibes are all about going within, and this is a powerful new moon for meditation and spiritual practice. If you're feeling witchy, this is a brilliant time to work magic for breaking out of habits, ending a situation that no longer serves you, or any sort of transformative work. You're a very logical person, Aquarius, but this new moon asks that you tap into your senses and trust your intuition. This is a powerful time for journaling and exploring your emotions, but as you do, truly connect with your body and ask yourself where you're feeling what you're feeling! Emotions live in the body, not just the mind, and this new moon is a wonderful time to reconnect with your emotional senses. Treat yourself to a massage afterward! Good luck this month, Aquarius, and see you in September!