Kevin Durant Might Have a Fake Twitter Account for the Haters

A Twitter user asked Durant why he left OKC and he got real blunt and maybe a little too third-persony.

by Sean Newell
Sep 18 2017, 3:57pm

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant is having a fairly active offseason after his Warriors beat the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals last June. He's started a basketball shoe beef with his teammate Steph Curry, released his own pair of shoes that would make Taylor Swift say man, let it go, and now he's tweeting (and deleting) about how the Thunder sucked, his former coach Billy Donovan, and ex-teammate Russell Westbrook.

I really want this to be true. I really want more athletes and famous people to be so obsessed with what people are saying about them that they have secret accounts to keep tabs on and respond to people when they've had enough of it. Look at how refreshingly honest that is. He straight up said he didn't like the team, and he didn't like the coach. He even gave Westbrook his due. Never in a million years would you get an answer like that if a reporter shoved a microphone in his face and asked him the same exact question. And you know it's honest because he later deleted the tweets.

So it might actually be true, because people don't generally tweet in the third person and then delete those tweets, and KD certainly does not shy away from getting into it with folks on Twitter. But that's also reason enough to wonder if something else is going on here. Why create secret accounts to defend yourself if you have no problem defending yourself with your own account? Maybe he's got a social media team with access to his account and whoever was running it forgot to switch over to their own account before tweeting about how bad the Oklahoma City Thunder were. Or Maybe KD really is that petty. It's a tossup.

Whatever happened, Durant at least acknowledged that something did in fact happen:

And based on the doth protesting too much from this account, we might be looking at KD's secret account right here:

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