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Embrace the Heat with Ethyène's House Glider "Playin' With Fire"

Stream the title track from the French producer's upcoming EP on Better Listen.

by David Garber
Jun 12 2017, 8:58pm

Artwork courtesy of label

Sometimes the most effective singles thrive in their simplicity, and Lyon-based house producer Ethyène's "Playin' With Fire" is a prime example of the less-is-more approach. Built around a bubbly vocal paired with grooving loops, it's the kind of song that glides lightly in the background, while retaining just enough of your attention to make you nod your head gently from side to side.

The track has a home on the Moonrise Hill Material founder's upcoming EP of the same title for Washington, DC's Better Listen Records, which floats through mid-tempo sounds including French touch and R&B-influenced disco.

Listen to it below and pre-order Playin' With Fire before it comes out June 23.