Play This Protest Game When You See Any Statue

Play 'Save or Smash' the next time you walk through public monuments.

Jun 22 2017, 10:32pm

Illustration by Stephen Maurice Graham

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Molleindustria makes free games designed to cure boredom and sometimes raise your level of social consciousness. Given the rise of protests around the world, it teamed with Harry Giles to create a series of games to be played during marches and rallies.

In April, the city of New Orleans began the process of removing four of its Confederate monuments, so consider trying this game the next time you take to the streets.

Whenever you pass a statue or a monument, make a snap decision about whether it's something worth saving or, as a symbol of oppression, something that should be smashed. If everyone agrees, smash it. The next day, research what you've destroyed. We advise the safe mode: Instead of immediate smashing, imagine how to replace or modify the monument.