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The Moon Photobombed Earth in a New NASA GIF

Down in front!

by Becky Ferreira
Aug 5 2015, 4:05pm


A NASA GIF released this morning has captured the Moon performing what can only be described as an EPIC photobomb of Earth—as in, it was taken by the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC).

Clearly not giving any fucks whether it was obscuring our planet's exquisitely illuminated majesty, the Moon barged through EPIC's frame with its dark side facing the camera, which is about one million miles from Earth.

EPIC is orbiting the Sun a million miles from Earth in gravitational eddy known as Lagrange Point 1. From its distant vantage point, it can image the entire Earth-Moon system using ten different narrowband wavelength filters. This image is a composite of the red, green, and blue filters that were used for this image series.

Given that the sunlit side of the Moon has always been considered its "face," it seems that the Moon has, to add insult to injury, exposed its shadowy naked butt to the camera.

That's right. The Moon has officially mooned us. Address your complaints to: The Moon, via yelling at it.