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This Adorable, Two-Foot DIY Sound System Will Melt Your Ears (and Your Heart)

I just want to hug the 'lil bugger.

by Brian Anderson
Aug 18 2014, 5:00pm

Here's the hard truth about today's DIY sound system culture: It can often look (and sound) a lot like a big dick-swinging contest. But then something positively miniature, like the two-foot-tall custom boombox seen here, comes along and reaffirms the old adage that sometimes, less truly is more. 

And really, how adorable is this thing? According to the video description, it packs a four-inch speaker. Four inches! I just want to hug the 'lil bugger. 

From what I can gather, based purely off the video's title, the mini PA was built for last year's PAUPAS Battle of the Sounds Festival in Leganes Iloilo, Philippines. PAUPAS is arguably the Super Bowl of sound systems, and yes, the yearly celebration does brings in some truly massive noise machines

But it's in PAUPAS's dedicated micro system category that things really get interesting, where teeny, tiny, noise gadgets like this one take center stage. And like a lot of today's adorable robots, I can't help but anthropomorphize this baby PA.

You know that thing where the longer you stare at a certain inanimate object, the more it begins to look like a face? It's a psychological phenomenon called pareidolia, and I just cannot shake it. I half expect this thing to start pogoing around. Suddenly, its woofers blink, innocently. Its vented lower horns, gaping slightly, are all like meep, meep, meep

It's melting my ears, and my jaded, blackened heart. Your move, bass boat