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Introducing Musii: The Inflatable Instrument You Play with Hugs

Squishing soft things equals music when it comes to the 'Multi Sensory Interactive Inflatable' created by musician/hacker Jnr Hacksaw and inflatables artists Filthy Luker Pedro Estrellas.

by Sami Emory
Jan 21 2015, 7:00pm

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The creators of Musii, which stands for Multi Sensory Interactive Inflatable, acknowledge that we weren't all naturally gifted with perfect pitch. Equipped with the blow-up instrument, however, everyone can play, feel, and visualize music, with the added joy of getting to squish things.

From musician Jnr Hacksaw and inflatables artists Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas, Musii was originally designed for a Special Education Needs environment, presenting children with the therapeutic and rewarding experience of making music. By deflating and inflating its nylon spires, an individual or a group can play along a musical scale or experiment with its built-in library of over 50 soundscapes. Through the cones’ smooth white surface, vibrating speakers hum gently to the touch, adding a tactile element to the instrument, while color changing LED light modules respond to the music, providing visual stimulation.

Beneath the deceptively simple outer structure of Musii's inflatable surface, however, lies a carefully crafted audiovisual system. The supportive infrastructure is comprised of a sturdy, foam- and PVC-reinforced medium-density fiberboard cylinder which stands on lockable castors. Above this, a shatter-proof polycarbonate plate houses speakers and protects the LED sensors. Finally, acoustic foam, a lamp, and a fan for inflation complete the Musii unit.

The object itself is designed to be extremely user-friendly. A touchscreen remote control administers volume, light, and sound settings, providing full access to the Musii library. The soft, inflatable cones are easily removed for cleaning or replacement, and the system, being portable and self-contained, requires little more than an enthusiastic music-maker. 

Below, check out Musii in action:

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