SUPER BOWL 51 | GIF Six-Pack

It's that time of year when sports pop back into your social media feed, so here's some relevant art to add to the "conversation."

by Beckett Mufson
Feb 3 2017, 4:35pm
Simon Tibbs

Aside from the World Cup and the Olympics, the Super Bowl is one of the only sporting events that everyone on the internet tries to care about, even arty types. This Sunday's Atlanta vs. New England face-off has been politically charged by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's friendship with Donald Trump, which he tirelessly tries to avoid commenting on, and the return of East Atlanta Santa, Gucci Mane. To avoid sparking a political battle with your sports friends over hot wings and dip, distract them with the charming animation of Simon Tibbs, Freddy Arenas, and Scorpion Dagger. With enough GIFs, you don't even have to pretend you know the rules!

Chris Phillips
Freddy Arenas
Linn Fritz
Lucas Cosco
Scorpion Dagger

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