Living Typography Lets You Say It with Disembodied Animal Parts

It's the ABC's of animal limbs in Ari Weinkle's experimental typography series 'Feelers.'

by Beckett Mufson
Mar 9 2015, 9:13pm

Images courtesy the artist

"A" is for appendage in Ari Weinkle's new typographical experiment, Feelers, composed of letters that wriggle and writhe like living things. The 3D-rendered symbols are all uniquely grotesque, evoking images of octopus, praying mantis, and lizard limbs crawling around without their owners.  "Each letter has its own distinct movement and color," Weinkle tells The Creators Project. "As such, some characters resemble the tentacles of underwater organisms; others, the muscular structure of reptiles and amphibians."

Visit Ari Weinkle's website for more typography experiements.

This project was originally submitted to The Creators Project by Ari Weinkle. If you also have an awesome project to share, email us:


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