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Drawings Inspired By WIFI Create Striking Geometric Images

Who knew broadband could be so beautiful?

by Laura Feinstein
Jan 15 2014, 1:47pm

Measuring the Wifi in his Vienna studio via smartphone app, artist Peter Jellitsch based his Data Drawings on a series of diagrams that were generated through his standard bandwidth. Recorded and produced in Paris and Vienna between July and December 2013, the images provide both an interesting peek into Jellitsch's internet use (from above it looks pretty exciting) and a series of neat modernist works we could easily imagine on the pages of Dwell Magazine.

"I started with Data Drawings in July 2013, during a residency in Paris," Jellitsch recently told The Creators Project. "I began to measure the Wifi connection in my studio and notated it onto paper. The rhythm of measuring the connection was depending on my presence in this specific place (sometimes every minute, every hour, or every day). You can imagine this as something like a diary, but just with numeric information (upload: 91.9 kb/s / download: 972 kb/s / ping: 34 kb/s). When I had enough information I started to transfer the data into 3d programs and produce diagrams out of it." 

"For each drawing I used the diagram I calculated on this specific day when I started to draw it," continued Jellitsch."For me this technique allows to think about spaces in very blurred coherences, without depicting the place. On one hand you have this physical work (pencil and acrylic on paper) which is very abstract, on the other hand this abstract drawing has 'real' information behind every single line."

"As I always like to work on different levels of communicating my work, I have recently produced milled Data Objects which come in collective with specific drawings on the wall."

Data Drawings/Data Objects will be on view for the first time at:

Public Works Gallery, Chicago (US)

"Only Real"

Peter Jellitsch / Theodore Darst

7 February - 4 April 2014

Peter Jellitsch
Data Drawings