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Awe-Inspiring Timelapse Captures a Rare Phenomenon at the Grand Canyon

Filmmaker Harun Mehmedinović captures various areas of the Grand Canyon, both during the day and at night, as clouds drift through its mazes.

by DJ Pangburn
May 15 2017, 5:22pm

Images courtesy of the artist.

After capturing the Mojave Desert and a Yellowstone supervolcano as a gorgeous timelapse, filmmaker Harun Mehmedinović has turned his lens on the Grand Canyon for SKYGLOW, an ongoing series that highlights the threat North American night skies face due to light pollution. This latest video, Kaibab Elegy, showcases various areas of the Grand Canyon, both during the day and at night, as clouds drift through the maze of deep gorges. This phenomenon, known as a full cloud inversion, is a deeply awe-inspiring sight and very rare one, which Mehmedinović was lucky to have captured. Kaibab Elegy coincides with Mehmedinović and collaborator Gavin Heffernan's new 192-page hardcover photo book and timelapse blu-ray SKYGLOW package.

As Mehmedinović tells Creators, the full cloud inversion occurs in the Grand Canyon when cold air is trapped in the gorges and topped by a layer of warm air. This, in combination with moisture and condensation, create the inversion.

"We were extremely lucky to be there to capture it," says Mehmedinovic. "It's a collection of unique footage not found anywhere else."

"The Grand Canyon is one of the best dark sky spots in the country and recently got provisional dark-sky park status from international dark-sky association," he adds. "So, this will be a year of dark skies events for them, and it looks like we will have a SKYGLOW event there as well this summer."

The SKYGLOW book and blu-ray, released April 3rd, are available in editions at the SKYGLOW web store. Click here to see more of Harun Mehmedinovic's work.


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