We Asked People About Their Most Outrageous Medical Bills

"I have another cavity that needs filling, but I guess I'll just live with it."

by Emily Cassel
May 10 2017, 7:15pm

Dan Brownsword / Getty Images

You're not just imagining it: Healthcare in the United States is hella expensive. Like, twice as much as it is in other developed nations expensive. If the healthcare sector had its own economy, it'd be the world's fifth-largest economy. But still. $710 for an hour of babysitting at the hospital? More than 33 grand for unspecified "supplies?"

If you take a trip to the ER, are uninsured, or just don't know what a certain drug or test is going to cost you, unexpected health care costs can add up faster than you can say "Affordable Care Act." We asked people to share their most over-the-top billing nightmares.

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