The Weekend That Belonged To Swaggy P, And The GIFs You Missed

Nick Young won the weekend, our hearts, the world, and whatever else he wants. There was also some other stuff that happened, so check it out.

by Sean Newell
Dec 15 2014, 12:55pm

This weekend you missed Nick Young, Swaggy motherhumping P, establish himself as the best thing going in sports. Whatever you did this weekend, I will bet all the money in my pockets against all the money in yours that it was not as good as his post game interview. If you didn't see the interview, you had a worse weekend than those of us that did. So: watch it!

Swaggy P Swags All Over the Spurs

See what happened there? I didn't show you the post-game interview first. I'm building tension, keeping you interested with related information, but not really what you want. Anyway, the reason Nick Young's post-game interview was so good is that he had a helluva night on the court. 29 points, a nasty move that elicited that tremendous face from Kobe, and the game-winning shot. 

OK, Now For The Nick Young Interview

On his game-winner: "Once it left my hands I kinda knew it was cash, you know, cause I'm like, 'I don't miss,' that's my new name, IDM...I don't miss." On Kobe: "I said take a break little man, you kinda tired." 

[Refers you back to the Kobe GIF above.]

Ohio State Alley-Oop Inbound Play

College basketball is in full swing and with approximately 367 teams playing every day, we are likely to get one or two of these each day. Ohio State's Sam Thompson went crashing to the rim virtually unguarded after he blew past his man and slammed home the alley-oop inbound play. So nasty.

Arizona Had A Nasty Alley-Oop Of Their Own

See what I'm saying? It's almost like I knew there would be a second great alley-oop. This one comes from Wildcats freshman Stanley Johnson and it's lovely and terrorizing, kind of like a Disney character. The scoop pass lob is beautiful and the finish is beastly. Like Goofy.

Giroud Header Off Alexis Sanchez Cross

Giroud went sky-high for this header, but Alexis Sanchez's cross was sublime. He put it into the very center of the penalty area, almost right on the penalty mark, and Giroud got there just in time to snap it in. 

Mason Plumlee Trucks Little Kid

Mason Plumlee had a distinct size advantage with his matchup against this tiny human and scored a decisive victory as he hurtled into this poor kid's face, which is roughly the size of Plumlee's patella. 

Today In Terrible Jokes


Jets And Titans Brawl

If you could translate what it felt like to watch the 2-11 Jets play the 2-11 Titans into moving images, this is what it would look like. 

Pats Block Field Goal, Return For Touchdown

The Pats destroyed the Dolphins 41-whatever, it doesn't really matter and this was the first score of the day. It was the first drive of the game and things never got any better.

Santana Moss Ejected After RGIII Touchdown Reversed

after Colt McCoy left early with an injury, RGIII came into the game and scored a very RGIII-like touchdown. Unfortunately, after review, it was determined he lost possession of the ball before leaping into the end zone and never regained it again until he was out of bounds. It was therefore ruled a touchback and the half ended. Then Santana Moss went crazy.

Johnny Manziel Sack Dances Will Be Fun

The downside to being an exciting player that everyone talks about is that for every fan that adores you, there are just as many people who will take great pleasure in seeing you fail. And when you do fail, they will throw your greatest hits right back in your face. So now we have the Money Manziel sack dance. Hopefully someone on the Panthers brings an inflatable swan to the game next week.