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London Producer Daniel Avery Captures the Mood of His New Fabric Residency, Divided Love

The man behind Drone Logic runs through some beautiful house and techno records.

by Daniel Avery
Jul 21 2014, 8:38pm

Still riding high on the crest of his stellar 2013 debut album Drone Logic, Daniel Avery is currently gearing up to take his rightful place behind the decks at fabric for the duration of the summer. Avery's been a regular fixture at the London institution for as long as we can remember (since about 2007, that's what festival season does to your brain), and this year sees him curate his most ambitious residency to date joined by the likes of Factory Floor, Helena Hauff, Machinedrum and dBridge for the first instalment alone on August 15th. To get into the acidic spirit of things, we asked Avery to dig out some gems that would get us in the mood for an all-nighter of machine funk and brittle techno euphoria. 

Factory Floor - 'Lying (Chris Carter Remix)' (Blast First Petite, 2010)

Factory Floor and I are definitely kindred spirits. They're one of the very best live bands in the world, and the first act we booked for Divded Love. They convey the noise of Public Image Ltd and the pulse of Carl Craig, and theur vocals sound like a misty, modern version of Nico. In no way, however, is it throwback. Their sound is entirely futurist. This is my most played track of theirs.

Lori - 'Magnetic'

Everything Lori makes is such a trip. It's often the soundtrack to long walks along the water of E14 after the studio for me: music that moves at its own pace, and is never less than totally absorbing. 

Edit Select - 'Distance' (Prologue, 2014) 

Taken from one of my albums of the year so far, this is the kind of beautifully psychedelic club music that makes my world go round. It's the perfect late night record: a relentless, one-note bassline, drowned by layers of droning noise, but is never reliant upon aggression. 

Helena Hauff - 'Sea Shore Acid' (Pancerkreuz Records, 2014)

As a resident of Hamburg's revered Golden Pudel club, Helena has emerged as one of the best new DJs and producers around. Her techno style embodies new wave, electro and EBM, with a subtle vein of acid throughout. Much like the Pudel, she delivers everything without compromise - an increasingly rare characteristic to find in the club world. I'm excited to have her on the lineup. 

Donato Dozzy & Tin Man - Acid Test 3 (Absurd Recordings, 2014) 

The idea of trust is vitally important in any club setting. The dancefloor has to give itself up to the night, and trust that the DJ who is in control of it. It's not about every single record "killing it.". In turn, the DJ has to know that the people are locked in, so that they can take chances. Playing at fabric is a communal experience. It's a place where tracks like this can sound as enveloping and powerful as any peak time record.

Kuniyuki - 'Earth Beats (Roman Flügel Remix)' (Mule Musiq, 2005)

I've been opening my sets with this recently. Flügel is a hero, and exudes class in everything he does. He has an effortless style that is unique to him. 

Rod - 'Hux' (The Erratic Podcast, 2014)

When I found this track recently, it made me re-think my entire record box and persuaded me to get back into the studio after several months away from it. This is hypnotic techno music at its very best, and something to get truly lost in on the floor. If Spacemen 3 made a club track, I'd want it to sound exactly like this. Unapologetic repetition. 

Call Super - 'Acephale II' (Houndstooth, 2014)

This is my most listened to track of the year. It's almost impossible to place, or even to hear where it may have come from, but I enjoy music which I can't quite place.

Dopplereffekt - 'Celluar Phone' (Dataphysix Engineering, 1995)

Whenever I walk around the concrete walls of fabric before the doors open, this is the music I hear in my head. As with Factory Floor, there is something futurist about Dopplereffekt's sounds. Something truly otherworldly. Whilst this is a classic, ageless club track, it is only one side of their output: the genesis of their dystopian drones can be heard throughout the works of acts such as Raime and Tim Hecker. It's an honour to have them at Divided Love.

Audion - 'Sky (Daniel Avery Remix)' (Spectral Sound, 2014)

I found this one of the most difficult remixes I've done to date, as I love the original. I had two days to make it in the middle of a tour, and the idea for the track came to me about three hours before I had to leave for the club. There is a magic in old tape delays that cannot be explained. 

Frak - 'Synthfrilla' (Sex Tags Mania, 2012)

The masters, Frak. This is in the list simply because it's a record that never leaves my box. In my book, this is perfect techno music.

Silent Servant - 'Immolare (Silent Servant Version)' (Sandwell District, 2011)

For me, BleeD are the most exciting new promoters in London right now. The artists they book are experimental and challenging, but never less than rewarding. It's a pleasure to have their figurehead Volte-Face as part of the night. I asked him to pick a track for this list and he came back with Silent Servant, an act with whom we share something of an obsession.

You can follow Daniel Avery on Twitter here: @danielmarkavery

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