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See Kedd Cook, Moon Boots, and Perseus Live in LA

LA, please give a warm welcome to NYC nightlife legend—GBH.

by Lauren Schwartzberg
Apr 28 2014, 7:00pm

The event producers who brought Tiga, TEED, Frankie Knuckles, Justice, Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki for weekly events over the past ten years in New York are making the move out west. On Thursday May 29, GBH will host DJs Kedd Cook, and Moon Boots and Perseus of the French Express label for their first ever Los Angeles event at Sound Nightclub.

For GBH co-founder Tom Dunkley, it was only a matter of time. "LA was never a priority for me," he said. "But when friends of mine started moving out there and I was forced to start visiting, I realized it could be a lot more fun than most New Yorkers will ever admit to. Plus, you know... the weather."

Tom Williams—who runs L'Affaire Musicale, a brand new LA-based music promotion group for underground dance music—had previously worked with Dunkley on events in New York. He reached out again to collaborate, and brought in their mutual friend Megan Gaver of Sound Nightclub for the venue. May 29 it all becomes official. "I always feel a little bit guilty when I get this lucky," Dunkley said. "But when the stars line up like this, you just have to go with it." 

The fruits of their labor are now yours for the taking. GBH and L'Affaire Musicale are planning a series of monthly events at Sound, with more details to be announced soon. For now, head over to Sound or GBH to buy tickets for the first event.

On May 29 doors at Sound will open at 10pm. Kedd Cook will play the opening set. Moon Boots and Perseus will start taking over the boards at 11:30PM.