What Did This Nintendo Switch Do to Deserve Being Tortured With a Razor Blade?

One guy’s quest to beat the hell out of a brand new Switch.

by Samantha Cole
Mar 6 2017, 6:04pm

The Nintendo Switch launched three days ago, and people are already trashing their new units for precious YouTube views.

The most painful of these videos I've seen yet is from YouTuber JerryRigEverything, who takes a break from his typical hobby of abusing cell phones to destroy a new Switch.

Starting with a screen scratch-test, he takes a variety of increasingly hard points to the Switch's face. He's able to gouge into the screen almost immediately. The plastic screen—designed for both grubby little child-hands and the sweaty clutches of adults—will scratch if you throw it in a bag with your keys, but won't crack when you inevitably drop it.

Like some kind of sadistically nerdy ASMR video, he then noisily takes a razor blade to the Joy-Con controllers, buttons and connecting rails. It's not a totally unimaginable real-life scenario for a 10-year-old with access to a Switch and sharp objects.

After a lot of twisting and bending in an attempt to snap the whole thing in half, he managed to break one of the Joy-Cons off from the body, ripping the metal holding the rail screws in place. Somehow, it still works.

Not even obsessive hours of play will wear the letters off of the controllers' buttons: They're injected throughout the button, not paint or decals.

There's no word yet on how the Switch holds up to water damage, but for typical wear-and-tear use, it seems damn near indestructible.