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Air Texture Vol. IV is Better Than the Chill-Out Zones of Most Clubs

Lean back and enjoy these time-lapse pictures with fluid ambient sounds.
December 22, 2014, 8:30pm

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In the 90s, if you wanted to leave this profane world through watching arty videos and experimental sounds, there was only one way to do this: the chill-out zones of dance clubs. Relaxing was a challenge though, because your heart still was on main floor level (which means 140 BPM) and you had to sit next to between or on other putrid ravers.

Thankfully, those times are long gone. Today, you can just put on your headphones, lean back in your Eco-friendly Bonded Leather Light Grey Executive Office Chair and watch Air Texture videos on THUMP's YouTube channel. For the release of Air Texture IV, we feature this 15-minute long impressing yet relaxing piece of art. Heads-up: There will be some enormous time-lapse pictures accompanied by fluid ambient sounds.