This Music Festival Might Be the First of Its Kind for the Full Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Community

The festival will include live captioning, ASL interpretation, vibrating backpacks and more.

by Britt Julious
Feb 25 2017, 9:30pm

Aid The Silent, a nonprofit striving for equality for the deaf community, recently announced the Good Vibrations Music & Arts Festival, the first known full deaf/hard-of-hearing accessible festival. The event will take place May 20.

According to organizers of the event, the festival will include live captioning, American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, T coiling, front row seating, vibrating backpacks and a visual light show to sync with performances.

"Music, in particular, was something I've always loved. I want others who are deaf and hard-of-hearing to experience the passion in a way unknown— to feel with their entire body," said Emma Faye Ruskin, founder of Aid The Silent, in an interview with San Antonio's La Prensa. "Through what Aid The Silent is doing, I want to be able to help the deaf and hard-of-hearing community."

All proceeds from the festival go to the Aid The Silent's four branches: deaf resources, deaf education, deaf ministry and deaf research.

Learn more about the festival here.