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​MK and Duke Dumont Banter on Miami as They Join Forces for a MMW Closing Party

And the only thing they can seem to agree on is how epic the Blasé Boys Club vs. Area 10 Party is going to be on March 29.

by Jemayel Khawaja
Mar 25 2015, 6:30pm

MK and Duke Dumont are upperclassmen in the world of house music. Well, MK could be school principal if we really continued with that metaphor. The duo have almost a half century's worth of experience in dance music, as well as grammy nominations and international number one hits to their names, so when Dumont's Blasé Boys Club and MK's Area 10 join forces this Sunday for a Miami Music Week closing party at Mansion, it's going to be a monumental ending to what we can only assume is going to be a very sweaty and epic week.

Despite his big Miami plans this time around, Dumont wasn't exactly blown away by Miami on his first visit almost a decade ago. "I was briefly there in 2008, and from what I remember, it was a bunch of DJs showing off what hotels they were staying at, eating cheap lobster, and generally a lot of egos in one room," he tells THUMP. "I hope to ditch this, and actually provide a decent party for the people who are paying for a ticket."

Dumont on the decks // Photo via PointBlankLondon

On the other hand, MK is a veteran. "I think I've been to MMW about six or seven times," he says. The Detroit born DJ-via-production foresees this iteration in particular as being a culturally important annum for the event. "This year should be different, since it seems that house music is back. The dynamic of house instead of the heavier sounds of EDM will hopefully lead to happy chilled out vibes. Dancing might actually be on the menu!" laughs the loftily framed producer, before adding "Still, MMW has the most incredible parties, talent, beaches, sun, beautiful women, and lots of fun."

Dumont is a little less impressed by current trends in house music. "In all honesty, I still don't know what the definition of 'deep house' is," he says in his typically droll manner. The difference between the UK and the US is that the UK has been inspired by the roots of house music, maybe more so than the US. I'd say house music definitely represents the US roots more so than EDM, which has more European-centric roots. So in a weird way 'deep house' is seen as a newer and fresher sub-genre, which ironically has been on your doorstep for thirty years, but took us Brits to resell it back to you!"

MK enjoying his newfound love for DJing // Photo via Flickr, TeamLocals

Despite his plentiful accolades over the years, MK isn't resting on his laurels. "I am making the first MK solo album for Columbia and that has been a big focus for me," he says. "We have expanded the Area10 Stages to all over the world now and will be releasing new material from some of our side projects featuring people like Shadowchild, Route 94, Sonny Fodera, SKT, and I even have a track that Duke and I have been working on. I also have my Pleasure State project with Lee Foss and Anabel Englund."

While MK has his hands in pretty much every house flavored pie in the dance bakery, Dumont's focusing on his inner circle. "Apart from the Blasé Boys Club label being an outlet for my own material, I have a release schedule in place for artists on the roster. The label has a strong ethos, which will be apparent over time. I don't want to just start a digital label that services Beatport. I want to make a dent within club culture, in my own vision."

Find tickets to the Blasé Boys Club / Area10 party at Mansion in Miami, this Sunday, the 29th of March.

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