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Carnage Takes Us to a World of Pure Hedonism in the Video For "November Skies"

This extreme video was filmed in Uruguay ahead of the producer's forthcoming debut album, 'Papi Gordo.'

by Alexander Iadarola
Oct 19 2015, 5:45pm

Guatemalan-American producer Carnage has never been one to shy away taking risks, whether that means recording with Migos and Rick Ross for his forthcoming debut album, Papi Gordo, or releasing a video made up of nothing but partying and excess—as he does here, with "November Skies" (ft. Tomas Barfod and Nina Kinert).

If the Saman Kesh-directed video has a message, though, it's that there's always a flip side side to living with total recklessness, even if it feels like it can last forever. It follows a motorcycle gang as they paint the town red, wreaking havoc and partying until they pass out in their squat house. Before long, though, they rub someone too far the wrong way and the party comes to an ugly end. Carnage praised Kesh's work via email to THUMP: "'November Skies,' is one of my favorite videos to date," he said." "Saman gave the song life with a dark, artistic approach."

Kesh also gave THUMPsome backstory for the video via email: "Carnage is dream-like fable about hedonism," he explained. "I wanted to present a depiction that felt as sexy as it was disgusting. The clash of its disturbing subject matter presented with a fashionable style relates to how I see young people today. I don't quite understand them, but they look good doing whatever it is they do. The video was shot in Montevideo with mostly street casted youth."

Check out the video above, and be sure to get Carnage's LP Papi Gordo, out October 30 on Ultra Music: preorder it here.

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