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Prins Thomas Is Starting a Sublabel Inspired by "Irregular Jams"

Horisontal Mambo will launch on April 8 with two jazz tracks.

by Michael Scott Barron
Mar 26 2016, 10:44pm

Photo courtesy of the artist

Hot off the release of his excellent LP Principe Del Norte, Producer Prins Thomas has announced that he is starting a new sublabel.

According to Resident Advisor, the boutique label Horisontal Mambo will be under Full Pupp, the Norwegian disco house label that Prins co-founded in 2005. The sublabel, Thomas said to the magazine, was "inspired by the irregular jams years he hosted years ago in his Norwegian hometown of Hamar, [which were] influenced by everything from medieval lute and harp records to underwater sounds via Elton John, Grateful Dead, Basic Channel and ECM albums."

It's a wide spectrum of influences that perhaps informs Horisontal Mambo's first release — a 12" of piano reinterpretations of Prins's track "Bobletekno" by jazz musician Bugge Wesseltoft, one on a grand, and the other on an electric.

The label and the "Bobletekno single" launch on April 8.

A. Bugge Wesseltoft - Bobletekno (Steinway Grand Version)
B. Bugge Wesseltoft - Bobletekno (Yamaha SK-15 Version)