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Here's the Amazing Plant-Based Menu from Our Momofuku X Impossible Foods Event Last Night

David Chang's crew cooked up game-changing cuisine for serious vegans and curious omnivores alike, from kimchi sliders to Korean rice cakes.

by Munchies Staff
Jul 27 2016, 4:42pm

Ever since the news broke in late 2014 that Silicon Valley startup Impossible Foods had invented a meat-free burger that looks—and bleeds—just like beef, pretty much everyone has been dying for a taste of the stuff. But the hype really escalated this week when Momofuku's David Chang announced that he would be offering the Impossible Foods burger on the menu at Momofuku Nishi—and that his team would be cooking it to juicy perfection in the MUNCHIES kitchen to mark its big debut.

About 100 guests joined us on the VICE rooftop last night to feast on not only the beefless burger, but several other dishes that highlighted the magically meaty, umami qualities of Impossible Foods' uncannily meat-like creation.


With the backdrop of our garden and a particularly impressive sunset, attendees enjoyed spicy Korean rice cakes with Impossible sausage, Chinese broccoli, and crispy shallots; Impossible "beef" tartare lettuce wraps with yuzu kusho; kimchi-topped sliders with ssam sauce; marinated summer squash panzanella with black vinegar and herbs; ginger chili cucumbers; roasted radishes with romesco, lemon, and sprouts; and crudité with a beet hozon dip.


Everything tasted amazing, thanks to the Momofuku team, and the cocktails—which included a yuzu and sake Seven Spice Sour, a Bonji Old Fashioned, and a Midtown Collins with calamansi and elderflower—were flowing well into the night.


Thanks to everyone who came to experience a taste of food history with us! You can try Impossible Foods' burger for yourself at Momofuku Nishi starting today.