This Cavaliers-Warriors Sequence Is a Comedy of Errors

The end of the third quarter between the Cavaliers and Warriors was a comic disaster. We added "Yakety Sax" to really hammer it home.

by Sean Newell
Jun 8 2015, 2:20am

The third quarter of Game 2 between the Cavs and Warriors ended in a...well, it ended anyway. Matthew Dellavedova turned the ball over and gave up what looked to be an easy fast break dunk to Mo Speights. But Mo Speights is a large, lumbering man and he just didn't have quite enough to finish the dunk and it rimmed out. Then bodies started hitting the floor as the ball bounced all over the place. Dellavedova almost got the ball back, but he lost it again as Speights wound up taking out the referee in his quest for redemption. Finally, mercifully, the horn sounded and the quarter ended.

If those were too many words for you, here's an equally helpful recap, from Draymond Green's mom:

Oh, and do make sure to watch the whole way through. We added "Yakety Sax" to the mix because this is what you do in these situations.