Former Aaron Hernandez Friend Recounts How the Ex-Patriot Tried to Kill Him

After the former New England tight end shot him and left him for dead, Alex Bradley said "I wanted his life."

by Sean Newell
Mar 21 2017, 11:00pm

On Tuesday, Alexander Bradley testified at length during ex-New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez's double murder trial, and he recounted the incident when Hernandez, his former friend, allegedly tried to kill him by shooting him point-blank in the eyes.

Dan Wetzel has the entire rundown over at Yahoo, but here's the gist of it: Hernandez, a notorious hothead, and Bradley got into an argument on their way back from a strip club before Bradley said he fell asleep in the car. He later woke up to find Hernandez allegedly pointing a gun in his face, and firing. Blood was everywhere. Bradley said he knew he had probably lost his right eye. Afterward Hernandez allegedly pushed him out of the car and left him to die.

Bradley, an admitted drug dealer who is serving a five-year sentence for shooting up a bar in Connecticut, was testifying on Tuesday because he was in a car with Hernandez in 2012 when the former tight end allegedlykilled Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in a drive-by shooting after Abreu bumped into him in a club, "causing Hernandez's drink to splash."

After the alleged shooting of de Abreu and Furtado, Bradley testified that Hernandez became increasingly paranoid that undercover cops were trailing him, even to an impromptu vacation both took to Florida where they spent most of their time in strips clubs. That vacation would be the last time they spent any time together.

By 5 in the morning, there was an argument over how to split up the sizeable bill from a private room. Then on the ride home, Bradley realized he'd forgotten his cell phone at the club, but Hernandez wouldn't allow the car to be turned around (there were two other friends with them).

They argued, then Bradley said he fell asleep, only to awaken when the car stopped down an alley near a John Deere dealership.

"I woke up with Mr. Hernandez pointing a gun at my face," Bradley said. "... Right between my eyebrows."

Hernandez fired. Bradley said his ears were ringing, blood was flowing everywhere and his right eye was finished, yet he somehow maintained consciousness. He said Hernandez and another guy pushed/pulled him out of the car and left him to die.

Bradley made it to a hospital with the help of a couple of good samaritans from John Deere, where he was interviewed by a homicide detective, because it did not look like he was going to make it. But Bradley said he refused to rat out Hernandez. He testified: "I wanted Mr. Hernandez. I wanted his life."

In 2013, Bradley tried to hunt Hernandez down so he could get revenge, but then Hernandez shot and killed Odin Lloyd a few months later and has been behind bars since being convicted of murder in 2015. Bradley was then brought into the fold when cops put it together that if Hernandez killed Lloyd, maybe he was not just randomly at the club the same night Abreu and Furtado were killed.

With Hernandez already serving a life sentence for the Lloyd murder, Bradley became a state witness in the double homicide, providing the only eye-witness testimony putting Hernandez at the scene. Hernandez's lawyer claimed in his opening statement that Bradley had killed the two men over a drug deal.


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