Photographs of Singapore's Elaborate Christmas Displays

The city that prides itself in unabashed consumerism, especially during the festive season, shines bright with themed decorations.

by Alex Thebez
Dec 24 2016, 8:51pm

Singapore takes its Christmas celebrations seriously. Decked out in high tech lights and featuring many renditions of familiar seasonal music playing constantly, the city-state welcomes an influx of tourists from around the region who come to celebrate Christmas and New Years with their families. 

The juxtaposition of its increasingly futuristic architecture and elaborate themed lighting setups, make Singapore a unique city. Reminiscent of a fantastical metropolis you might find in a video game, Singapore continues to transform into something that feels foreign even to people who live there. 

These photos are taken around Orchard Road and Garden by the Bay—two of the most developed, commercial sections of Singapore (and a couple of its most famous tourist destinations.)

All photographs by Alex Thebez.