Joanie Lemercier, From AntiVJ, Shows The Kids How To Projection Map

<p>The projection mapping master passes on his skills to the next gen.</p>

Dec 11 2012, 4:32pm

AntiVJ are a pretty masterful bunch when it comes to projection mapping, so it would be a shame if they didn’t impart their knowledge to a new generation so they too could blow minds with stunning imagery and mapped animations. Recently Joanie Lemercier took up residency at The Public art gallery in West Bromwich, UK working with school kids and local artists to conduct workshops and help them to produce a collaborative artwork.

Lemercier delivered the basics of projection mapping, explaining the techniques he’s picked up for his craft over the years. Because back when Lemercier started it didn’t have anywhere near the ubiquity, or presence, it has now. Things were very different back then, there was no nice man from a visual art collective to come along and show him the ropes, instead he had to learn it the hard way.

“It’s interesting to see that projection mapping is getting mainstream,” he notes in the video above. “When I started there was not many projects around, I had to find how to do mapping, I had to find tutorials, so it was very difficult. And now it’s getting pretty much mainstream—you see adverts with mapping, commercials—so I’m interested in passing the knowledge and explaining how I started and why I struggled—so it makes it easier for other people.”

He sees the residency as one way to reclaim the technique from the commercial sector and give it back to the creatives, inspiring more people to take it up as a purely artistic medium.

You can see the fruit of the student and artists ’labor below: a sound responsive piece made of paper pyramids with a projection beamed onto it.

And to find out more about AntiVJ, check out our documentary below:


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