The Best iPhone Destruction Videos of 2016

iPhone rage is real.

Dec 26 2016, 2:00pm

Lots of things went to sh*t this year, including a number of iPhones that underwent destructive experiments in order to see what they could withstand. You may be surprised to see what the iPhone can handle.

1. Boiling an iPhone 7

It turns out that boiling the iPhone 7, even for several minutes, doesn't do much to the phone. After getting boiled in scolding hot water, the newest, water resistant iPhone turned out okay. It only took a little while for it to turn back on.

2. Using a pumpkin to shield an iPhone from a 100-foot fall

Can a pumpkin protect an iPhone from a 100-foot drop test? More or less, actually. While the pumpkin itself was completely destroyed, the iPhone survived, amidst all that padding from the pumpkin's interior—which was also filled with candy corn.

3. Hammering and slicing an iPhone 7

This guy starts off gentle, attempting to slice the iphone with wispy strokes of a knife before he decided to take a three-pound hammer to it. With the knife, he essentially battered up the iPhone's back side, making it less smooth and shiney. And after a couple knocks with the hammer, the iPhone's screen was done for.

4. Dousing an iPhone 7 in the world's strongest acid

Fluoroantimonic acid and iPhones do not get along. Under a sprinkling acid chunks, the iPhone first began to discolor and degrade. Then he soaks it in acid, which dissolves parts of its outer appearance. Still, the phone ended up function after he turned it on following the whole experiment.

5. Dropping a flaming iPhone 100 feet into a pool of water

First the iphones were lit on fire with lighter fluid and dropped into a pool of water, though one of them missed and hit the ground. Needless to say, the heat, drop impact, and water damage did not bode well for the iPhones, even if they could still turn on.

And lastly, amidst all that destruction, here's something cute you can do to an iPhone:

6. Getting an animal to unlock an iPhone

This guy used a hedgehog's paw to unlock the iPhone with the touch sensors. Given the similarity between the size of the hedgehog's paw and the size of a human finger tip, the trick works pretty well.

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