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Kick Out the Stoner Rock Jams with Backwoods Payback

Stream 'Fire Is the Reason,' the trio's first release with new drummer Erik Larson.

by Cat Jones
Nov 28 2016, 4:31pm

Now that political talk amongst family members over Thanksgiving dinner is over, your capacity for social interaction has reached critical levels, and you're ten pounds heavier than you were on Wednesday, chances are you're looking for a little bit of hair-tossing catharsis, am I right? Today, we've got just what you need, and it comes in the form of the heavy, hooky, quick-and-dirty new Backwoods Payback record,  Fire Not Reason, which the band is self-releasing this Friday, December 2.

Backwoods Payback know a thing or two about pumping out killer grooves. The West Chester, Pennsylvania group, consisting of Jessica Baker, Mike Cummings, and a new addition—Richmond, VA's Erik Larson, who you may know from his previous bands, Alabama Thunderpussy and Avail—have been together since 2003, and put out an impressive total of eight records since then. Kyuss and Earthride are obvious influences in the band's slow-burning stoner rock'n'roll, but true to their name, Backwoods Payback just can't shake that bluesy, countrified swing, and bless 'em for that.

Road dogs until the end, the trio have shared the stage with the likes of Fu Manchu, Scissorfight, Gozu, and even Third Eye Blind—New Yorkers can also catch them on December 4 at Saint Vitus bar in Brooklyn when they open for the ethereal fuzz-masters Windhand, and later in 2017, farther-flung fans can look forward to the band's Roadburn Festival debut.

So hit play on this bad boy, get yourself out of that turkey coma, and let these infectious riffs, soaring vocals, and low-and-swampy bass lines kick your ass back into gear.

Cat Jones is California leaning on Twitter.