Acid Sweat Lodge Shows Us the Goods

Acid Sweat Lodge is the coolest website in the world, if you're into burnouts, biker dudes, metal bands, and the topless women who love them. If that's not your thing, why are you here?

Sep 10 2012, 4:16pm

If you’ve read even the first chapter of Hunter S. Thompson’s book on the Hell’s Angels, you know those dudes are scary as hell. But look through the immense catalog of photos on, which seem to come from a shoebox some crusty old guy keeps in the back of his closet, and you'll learn that they also like to drink lots of beer (no shit), make custom t-shirts with dirty words on them, and get naked. Some of them seem like they could be your dad. There’s also a bunch of pictures of skateboarders, heavy metal guys, burnouts, and Henry Rollins mixed in for good measure. God knows where all this grainy stuff comes from, but it’s a fun ride.

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