A Louisiana Pastor Is Sealing Himself in a Coffin to Recreate the Easter Resurrection in '3D'

"It's going to be just like you're there," says Bishop Rickey Moore.

by Helen Donahue
Mar 25 2016, 9:00pm

Photo via Flickr user Will

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While some churches across the country are currently stuffing plastic eggs with Peeps and practicing the same boring old hymns, Bishop Rickey Moore of Sunrise Baptist Church in Louisiana is taking his congregation's Easter celebration to the next level.

According to KLSA News, on Friday afternoon Moore will seal himself up inside a coffin and plans to emerge on Easter Sunday—recreating Jesus's resurrection in a dramatic way. (It's not clear whether he's saying that he's going to stay in that coffin for the whole three days, David Blaine–style.) "I had a vision about how I could get this city's attention," Moore told KLSA. "The lord gave me a vision and because of the vision he gave me I stepped out on faith." The stunt is part of the church's elaborate Easter drama, which will depict the trial, crucifixion, and now resurrection, of Christ.

"It's going to be just like you're there," Moore told KLSA.

While some people on social media think Moore spending his holiday weekend inside a cramped box—with no water, food, or access to a bathroom—is sacrilegious, he says he just wants to "save souls and get people to accept Jesus." If all goes as planned, it'll be the most theatrical religious display since last year's zombie nativity scene in Ohio.