Pretty Puke Made a Gloriously Grotesque Lookbook for Mishka's Summer 2015 Collection

The new lookbook is truly a piece of badass art. If these powerful visuals don't make you want to sport a Keep Watch T-shirt while you fuck a piñata, I don't know what would.

by Erica Euse
Jun 3 2015, 2:30pm

Teens with ghastly open wounds. Girls touching themselves while deepthroating bottles filled with a strange fluid. Guys humping inanimate objects in a desolate field. And an old white dude swinging furiously at a piñata. All of this disparate, fucked up imagery isn't from some lost chapter of Naked Lunch. It's Mishka's summer 2015 lookbook.

For their latest collection, the gloriously offbeat streetwear brand teamed up with Miller Rodriguez, the eccentric photographer who goes by the name Pretty Puke and has been flooding the internet for years with images that are titillating, macabre, and darkly funny. Together, they've crafted a grotesque short video and a series of still images that mashup both of their aesthetics into one of the weirdest and most exciting presentations of streetwear we've seen in a long time.

"That's why this collaboration was so wild," Rodriguez said while reflecting on the new lookbook. "It was two weirdos fucking with each other to create something artistic and something never seen before in streetwear. We just wanted to emphasize that, have fun, and create something all our own."

The collaboration made perfect sense to Rodriguez, who said he has long been a fan of the Mishka. "[They're] unlike other streetwear brands, they are not afraid to make noise. They're offensive but there is an innocence and playfulness to their aesthetic. They had something different to say and I wanted to illustrate that visually."

Although the short video clip features shots of masturbating youth and badass grandpas in allover print bucket hats and jerseys splayed with Mishka's iconic graphics, it isn't just about getting off and slanging graphic tees. There are deeper things going on in the clip, especially the way it addresses the violence and sexuality inherent in our media.

"The hyper sexualization of the models juxtaposed with the piñata is what makes it uncanny instead of porn. It's definitely a reflection of our culture and the way violence is trivialized. I am not necessarily critiquing. It's more of a reaction to seeing a kids cartoon show, an Arby's ad, then a Grand Theft Auto commercial. We're playing with the tropes of advertising and subverting the traditional viewpoint by showcasing Mishka clothing in this way."

The lookbook is truly a piece of badass art. If the powerful visuals don't make you want to sport a Keep Watch T-shirt while you fuck a piñata, I don't know what would.

Visit to check out the entire lookbook and shop the full collection.

Mishka Summer 2015 Lookbook Credits
Photographer & Video Director: Pretty Puke
Video filmed, edited & sound design: ODOD Collective

Tyler Ross - DP/Editor
Dave Hung - DP/Special Effects
Cam Smith - AD/Sound Design
Madison Mckamey - First AC
Story Boards/Illustrations: Darin Vartanian
Producer: Andrew Fanelli