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Democrats sue Republicans over Trump's "rigged" election claims, woman fights off three men in clown masks, Orlando Magic dedicate season opener to Pulse nightclub victims, and more.

by VICE Staff
Oct 27 2016, 1:30pm

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US News

Democrats Sue Republicans over Rigged Election Claims
The Democratic National Committee is suing its Republican counterpart over Donald Trump's repeated insistence the election may be "rigged." The DNC argues the GOP presidential nominee's words are designed to suppress turnout in minority communities, and also that the RNC has provided "direct and tacit support" for Trump's argument via "ballot security" measures.—CNN

US Abstains from UN Vote on Cuba Embargo
History was made Wednesday when the United States declined to oppose a UN resolution calling for an end to economic sanctions against Cuba. Uncle Sam has traditionally strongly opposed the annual resolution, but Ambassador Samantha Power says the decision reflects a new "path of engagement."—AP

Oklahoma Fugitive Announced Possible Hit List on Facebook
Cops in Oklahoma Wednesday said a man wanted for murder—who's been on the run since Sunday—may be planning to seek out and harm several people he mentioned in a Facebook Live video over the weekend. Michael Dale Vance Jr. is wanted on two counts of first-degree murder and other violent crimes, including sexual assault.—AP

Early Voting Shows Democrats Strong in North Carolina
An initial analysis of early voting data shows Democrats with the edge in North Carolina, where 48 percent of early voters have been registered Dems and just 28 percent registered Republicans. In Florida, registered Republicans actually have a slight (42 to 40 percent) edge, though it's important to keep in mind party affiliation is not determinative of which candidate people actually back.—CBS News

International News

Airstrike on Syrian School Kills 26 People
At least 26 people perished Wednesday after airstrikes from Russian or Syrian planes hit a school in rebel-controlled territory, most of them kids. Vitaly Churkin, Russia's UN Ambassador, said, "It's horrible, I hope we were not involved... I need to see what my Ministry of Defense is going to say."—Reuters

Cop Shot Dead at Anti-Maduro Protests in Venezuela
One police officer was shot dead and two others injured at anti-government protests in Miranda State in Venezuela on Wednesday. Some 120 people were injured and 39 others detained as hundreds of thousands of people protested President Nicolás Maduro's government and its economic policies. Opposition leaders are trying to organize a 12-hour strike across the country Friday.—Al Jazeera

One Hundred Children Still Inside Key French Refugee Camp, Aid Workers Sy
As many as 100 children remain in the notorious "Jungle" camp in Calais, France, despite authorities' efforts to completely empty the place, according to humanitarian workers. (The government says the number is closer to 70.) More than 5,000 people have begun the formal moving process, according to the government.—BBC News

Two Earthquakes Hit Central Italy
Major earthquakes wreaked havoc on a region of Italy that has recently seen more than its share of deadly quakes late Wednesday, inflicting what was said to be "apocalyptic" damage to the town of Ussita. Fortunately, no deaths or even severe injuries were thought to have resulted in this latest barrage.—The Guardian

Everything Else

Orlando Magic Dedicate Season Opener to Pulse Nightclub Victims
The Orlando Magic NBA basketball team honored the 49 people killed in the June massacre at the local LGBTQ nightclub Pulse during the team's season opener Wednesday. A banner with the number killed was raised and vocalist Brandon Parsons performed "Forty-Nine Times."—AP

Samsung Profits Skid 30 Percent over Recall Fiasco
Electronics giant Samsung predictably saw profits plunge last quarter after the recall of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. The South Korean firm's operating profits dropped 30 percent to $4.5 billion between July and September and the company may struggle to regain confidence.—CNBC News

Woman Fights Off Three Men in Clown Masks
Police in Rhode Island are searching for three suspects who attacked a woman while wearing clown masks. Cops say the woman was attacked Tuesday night after opening her door, but apparently fought off the attackers, who fled after leaving behind a mask and baseball hat.—AP

Tesla Delivers First Profit in Three Years
Elon Musk's company has announced its first profitable quarter in years, and just the second in its history. Tesla hyped a third-quarter profit of $21.9 million on $2.3 billion revenue, a 145 percent bump from this time in 2015.—VICE News

Clinton Says Death Row Records Influenced Her Look
Hillary Clinton was asked on The Breakfast Club about the meme depicting similar fashions choices between her and Tupac, Snoop Dogg, and Suge Knight. "I think Death Row and a lot of other hip-hop fashion sources have influenced my look," she said.—Noisey

Vertebrate Wildlife Populations Plunged 58 Percent Since 1970, Report Says
Some two-thirds of global wildlife populations could be in decline by the year 2020 thanks to humans being awful stewards of the planet, according to a new World Wildlife Fund report. In particular, vertebrate populations fell 58 percent between 1970 and 2012, the report said.—Motherboard