A Photographer Transforms Herself Into Ramen Noodles, Karl Lagerfeld, and Justin Timberlake's Hair

Jaimie Warren's self-portraits are a lot of things, but they're never boring.

by Jaimie Warren
Aug 31 2016, 12:00am

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In her work, photographer and performance artist Jaimie Warren has taken self-portraits in which she has transformed herself into, among other things, a sybaritic version of the Hindu goddess Kali who smokes joints from each of her eight hands; a heaping plate of lasagna that is also the head of Lana Del Rey; and a ravenous Freddy Krueger and the screaming meatball he impales, plucks from a pizza, and gobbles up. Warren revels in visions of excess as she playfully depicts and becomes the things we devour and the figures we fear will devour us.