Body Talk

Here's an intimate fashion shoot from Claire Milbrath, and by "intimate" we mean that there are a lot of butts in it.

by Claire Milbrath
Nov 21 2014, 5:31pm

Kayleigh Peddie underwear

​Photographer: Claire Milbrath
Stylist: Sara Graorac
​Assistant: Catherine Patrick-Boon
Grooming: Steffi Nicole
Nails: Amy Johnson

Kayleigh Peddie underwear

Vintage candy lingerie set

Calvin Klein underwear and waistband, vintage robe

Urban Outfitters bra, C Boutique skirt

Stopshop Boutique skirt, Calvin Klein underwear

Rachel Rector garter belt and underwear

Vintage Necklace Body Glove briefs,​ Calvin Klein waistband

Vintage Necklace Body Glove briefs, Calvin Klein waistband

American Apparel sweater, Kayleigh Peddie roll on garter and underwear, vintage stockings and tap shoes​​ ​​

Vintage top ​

Vintage briefs

Vintage briefs, American Apparel socks