Aug 7 2008, 10:54pm

In what some are referring to as "the king of late-90s hardcore returning to his rightful throne" and others "a guy from a band starting a new band like his even older band," Jayson Green of Panthers and Orchid has supergrouped himself in with some of the guys from Black Army Jacket, Ones, and mind-bogglingly the Fiery Furnaces to form Violent Bullshit (VBS). Since this is the internet, there's no reason for me to waste a bunch of minutes trying to turn what they sound like (fast screechy hardcore) into weird adjectives and metaphors and then type them out. You can just listen to them below while you read the chat I just had with Jayson oh, about an hour ago. Internet, you kill me sometimes.

"Fallopian Dudes"

Vice: Hi Jayson. Why the return to the angry land of sore throats?
Jayson Green: I’d been yapping to anyone who would listen about how I wanted to start a hardcore band for the past two years. I just love the genre. It's so fun to play and I actually lose my voice less screaming than singing, which I took as a hint.

What bands have you guys been listening to get the juices flowing?
Napalm Death, Cro-Mags, Born Against, Citizens Arrest, Man is the Bastard, Infest—that's the kinda shit I had in mind. But I hate when stuff is a Civil War reenactment so hopefully it sounds modern. And I'm not shaving my head or wearing a messenger bag.

If you can make an effort to look exactly how you looked in the first VBS show flyer I saw, I think you’re on the right track aesthetically.
I’m going on the South Beach Diet so kids who only know me from Orchid pictures won't audibly gasp when they see me.

Are you getting a lot of bummed out kids that expect Orchid Part II?
We would have Orchid fans come to Panthers shows just to tell me they hated Panthers.

I'm coming to see your band for the first time this weekend. Is it going to be better than this:

What??? Better than Rorschach? Nobody is better than Rorschach! That's fucking ridiculous!

I actually screamed.

So what should I expect from my first VBS live experience?
Ten minutes of music and lots of jumping. We have a theme song that you can sing along with ("VBS Theme") and an anti-Barak Obama song  ("Keep the Change").

Have you considered the fact that people who get easily confused by acronyms may think you wrote the theme song for Vice's online TV channel,
No because I think we are already more popular than an internet station no one watches.


As the above flyer suggests VBS and Cheeseburger are BFF 4 Ever and will be playing Saturday at Glasslands for one of those Colt 45 dealies we do.

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