Drug-Related Photoshop Art - Fat Mike in Werner Herzog’s House

Fat Mike clutching a plastic baggie of mushrooms.

Fat Mike clutching a plastic baggie of mushrooms while on a medium-large* dose of them (with varying amounts of Codeine, Ritalin, Valium, Hydrocodone, Cocaine, Heroin, Adderall, Demerol, OxyContin, LSD, Klonopin also in his system) at a My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done post-premier get-together staring at [what seems to be ‘nothing’] in extreme concentration as he struggles to discern if it’s appropriate to ask the people here if they want to share his remaining mushrooms while also trying to remember why he’s in this house with these people and if it’s possible he has actually “broken into” a stranger’s home or somehow otherwise forced himself onto these people (Chloe Sevigny, Michael Shannon, Willem Dafoe), of whom he only recognizes the villain from Spider-Man, while Werner Herzog, in what has consistently been his favorite part of the standard tour he gives of his house, “riffs on” the painting—sent to him by a fan last year, to Herzog’s delight—on his wall by saying it’s his “prepared submission” to a guest-contributor’s edition of Where’s Waldo that he’s certain he’ll be receiving a call any day now for his contribution toward, at which point he’ll want to be ready, as “one doesn’t get these oppor-opportunities often,” Herzog says, stuttering when he’s momentarily “taken aback” by the presence of the husband from Antichrist, before recovering calmly and without further pause, aware that the stutter has likely been interpreted, naturally, as evidence that there’s an opportunity he missed in the past that strongly affects him today.

*relative to Fat Mike’s past usage