Justin Bieber—in an alternate reality where YouTube doesn’t exist and he lives in a near-rural suburb outside Central Florida and has since 3rd grade been the area's iconic target of homophobia and where ~40% of his musical talents have manifested instead as social anxiety disorder and irritable bowel syndrome, leaving him, at 15, completely friendless and increasingly baffled at why he exists though somehow still determined to create music videos—staring at his older brother who is supposed to be filming him (this only after 3 weeks of 'begging,' pretty much, and then the compromise that he wear a shirt that says either "heroin" or "LSD" for the duration of filming in addition to paying his older brother $75 for the 15-minute drive to-and-from the park and the 5 minutes of footage which Justin Bieber hopes to incorporate into his future music videos so that at least some parts won’t seem obviously self-shot) but is instead idly rereading old text messages from his drug dealer, and doing other things that are not filming, which Justin Bieber senses after ~40 seconds (partly because of his older brother’s strangely focused expression but mostly because the iPhone has been egregiously facing an area almost a full 90 degrees to Justin Bieber's left) and which, finally, Justin Bieber is going to remain silent about, for the first time, as he commits, now, to a life in which he does everything himself, trusts no one in anything, and suppresses—privately redirects—all his disappointments and complaints and confusions into [he isn't certain what yet but thinks it might not be music videos, might not even be anything artistic, but might be something like carpentry or mountain climbing or probably the breeding and caring for of small pets like tropical fish or ants].


Drug-Related Photoshop Art - 2,000,000mg Xanax