Drug-Related Photoshop Art - Psilocybin Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage (as viewed from a "Che Guevara angle") 4.7 seconds after being told "sorry, we're actually all out of walnuts" while on a medium-large dose of psilocybin mushrooms, unable to believe that this specific ice cream truck would "just happen" to be "completely out of walnuts" at this precise moment that he wanted walnuts, thinking this coincidence to be "hilarious" and barely stifling uncontrollable laughter, struggling to begin to formulate a verbal response to the increasingly "visibly impatient" ice cream man (who only vaguely recognizes Nicolas Cage, thinking it's an annoying acquaintance from college or someone who works at Whole Foods and probably crudely packaged a dozen mussels for him 4 years ago).



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